By comparing your consumption with weather and performance standards, EnergyBrain delivers savings to your desktop. Your information is updated every hour.


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About us

As a building manager, conservation and efficiency are the best investments you can make today, both economically and environmentally; and EnergyBrain is a great tool to guide your conservation steps.

EnergyBrain constantly monitors your building performance, by connecting your utility meters to the Internet. It quickly shows if your building is healthy, or if it presents an opportunity to save. If you take steps toward conservation or install renewable energy, EnergyBrain will show you the results, and it will continue to guard your savings, with ongoing reports on performance. Checking your website will show your results daily.

Using advanced building science and hourly weather data, EnergyBrain is able to accurately predict your consumption, and compare with benchmarks, as well as with your own historical values. Any loss of performance will show immediately, creating a warning and an opportunity to save valuable energy and water resources and avoid unforeseen expenses.

The EnergyBrain Alert system is your energy watchdog. Any increase above expected thresholds will be flagged by email to your desktop, putting you on the drivers seat in utility management.

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